Tuesday, March 6, 2012


"Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful."  ~Buddha

Monday, March 5, 2012


Wow, apparently I thought that I was making a comeback....a year ago.

Here I am, still in this bed a year later.

591 days or 1 year, 7 months, 11 days including the end date
  •  51,062,400 seconds
  • 851,040 minutes
  • 14,184 hours
  • 84 weeks

Taken this weekend:

Almost exclusively bed bound. This is the hardest thing I have ever been through. I don't even know where to begin to explain the sheer horror that I have been through.

I am going to try to start catching up with blogs all of the people that I have missed so much.

Johnny sleeping with his mama, green from another bout of pneumonia.
My motto has been, "Just Keep Swimming!"
Missing more beautiful fashion accessories
First double port.  Collapsed lung and failed port.  Now I have a double lumen power port on my right chest.
Johnny and I
Early fall 2011, lung collapsed X-rays every 12-24 hours
Right after we shaved the rest of my hair off.  This was my, "I am not my hair picture!"
My boys. John shaved his head when my hair started falling out.

Johnny wearing my wig, not long after we shaved the little hair I had left.
I havent' been able to have visitors since late fall. I have been sick with back to back illnesses on top of everything else going on because of my immune deficiency.  I'm on lifesaving treatments two times a week for the rest of my life, but I still caught everything. I miss hugs like this.
Our Christmas card
A better day....
Johnny and I in January
In the fall, when I was able to move around more without the wheelchair.  Wearing a LYME green wig from one of my best friends.
In the fall, I started to really turn the corner. I was able to go go to doctor's appointments. I was sitting outside for short periods in my front yard. I was able to walk around a bit.  I had so much fun with the wigs my friends were sending me. I even went in the wheelchair for about 15 minutes to see Johnny trick or treating.  The day after Halloween I had a major set back. I have been almost 100% bed bound since Halloween.  Things really went down hill. Everything from a failed port which resulted in a collapsed lung, to new port placement, heavy treatments, pnuemonia's, shingles etc.  I am attached to an IV about 20 hours a day.  I haven't been out except for a couple hospital trips and ambulance ER fiasco's.

I really am going to try to return to blogging. I miss it a lot.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm coming back...

It would take me a year to figure out how explain what has happened to me in the last 10 months.  For now...I'm coming back.  One step at a time (quite literally).  This was written for me today and I wanted to share~~


An amazing blogger, check her out.

Want a glimpse into what my life has been like:

Check your local listings for showings. The documentary is also on Netflix for immediate viewing.

I've missed you all very much. Thank to all of you who have connected with me through other social media and helped me get where I am today. I am still in bed 10 months now, but I am making progress everyday. I'm walking to the bathroom and even down the hall a bit. I have answers and one day I am going to get my life back in the biggest way possible.

P.S. I apologize if I haven't replied to your email. I literally have thousands of emails mainly junk in my blogging email. I will eventually get through them.


Monday, February 28, 2011


This blog is on a long term hiatus until I am fixed again.  I miss you all very much but haven't been well enough to maintain it.  I'm insanely blessed to have the greatest friends in this entire world.  All the love and support has been the reason I am getting by.  This is the hardest thing I've ever been through.  Please don't take a single thing for granted. When you have your health you have everything. I would give anything in the world to have my life back. 

I'll be back one day...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Johnny

Dear Johnny it's been awhile since I wrote you a letter. I hope and pray you'll have very little recollection of this phase of our lives. If you are able to conjure up any moments from this young age I hope they are blurred memories bundled up in faint giggles. I hope you can only remember the good times even though often those seemed far and in-between. The truth is there is always more good than the visible eye can see. If you can remember these days I'd want you to remember that it's only on the darkest nights of our lives that the stars are most visible.

You woke up tonight with a terrible nightmare. You screamed so loudly the air just escaped from your little lungs and clung onto the walls of this house. You were screaming ,"mommy no! No ambulance!" I heard it and my heart sunk (it's always my heart doing something isn't (wasn't) it? Only your nightmare has been our reality for months. I hate that I was the instigator of your terror. It shouldn't be that way. Two and half year olds should play with toy ambulances and make fun siren noises, they shouldn't be strapped to one that's taking their mommy for the dozenth time this year.  You should be playing in the snow and not asking if I need more oxygen or if I need medicine. I'm sorry. I really am. But know that even though my heart may be flawed in so many ways medically that it truly beats for you. People throw words around all the time but I mean it when I say that you saved me. You did and someday when you are old enough to understand why you'll know.

I know that I am missing out on a lot of your life right now. I cry about it a lot but there's not much I can do but hope. Hope for better days and all the fun we will have together. For now, I'll take what I can get. At this exact moment you are asleep in my bed next to me. I'm  exhausted and I sleep most of the day but I'm wide awake. I watched you sleeping for awhile that cute little pucker and your soft sweet face. I held your little foot and thought about all the places it will take you in life. I held your tiny body next to mine and found my breath was taken away. This time not because of something medical but again because I am overwhelmed by the amount of love I have for you. When you are a parent someday you will understand it. All my life I was enamored with love...I've lived everyday for just another taste and couldn't get enough. Then you were born and it's like nothing I'd ever felt before. Ten million, trillion times stronger than any love I'd ever had for anyone even your daddy. It's the most beautiful Feeling in the world. I'm your mommy! Every time I see that I smile as if it's the first time I've ever said those words. The best thing I'll ever be called...mommy. Your mommy. I've always loved you good times, bad times, the worst of times-all of it. Even when I wasn't there...even all those months when someone else tucked you into bed. Those months when I felt like someone had replaced me they hadn't I was still your mommy. In bed or not I love you just the same actually more.

I'm your mommy:) that's the greatest thing in the world

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

Hello 2011,

Hi guys! It's me, it's been a lot longer than I realized.  So much has happened that I don't even know where to start. I'll recap with the few pictures I've got in this blog...but I sure have missed everyone.  I'm still in bed...5 months now.  It's been hard, really REALLY hard...but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We know what's wrong now and I am going to get my life back.  I'll explain more in future blogs...nothing else really happened in my life except health stuff, lots of hospitals, multiple 911 calls and many specialists to figure out why my body has been so broken...

BUT...I miss my blog. I miss blogging. I miss reading blogs. I miss getting free stuff, I miss the money, I miss the whole damn thing!

I used to love to blog...my blog was my sweet release. It was the place I went to unleash a flood of emotions through words that were often just flowing through my fingers and sometimes made no sense. Still, they made me feel better and eventually this blog became more than just a release because I met you guys.  I met people who have changed my life for a moment, for a lifetime.  Then I lost all my comments when I got my lovely blog makeover and it crushed me that all those memories were lost forever.  Once I got sick my blog was more for me than anyone. My blog wasn't what it always was and I lost a lot of followers and comments...but it's my blog my life. I can't control the way things have been or how they still are and once again this blog was started for me.  I'm regaining it back.  I'm healthy enough to blog again and am slowly going to get back into it.

Miss you guys. (Please don't be offended if I takes me awhile to get to your blog...I'll get there eventually)

P.S. To the wonderful etsy sellers and small businesses that sent me product that I have yet to review and go giveaways with...I will start scheduling them slowly as my health allows.

My life in pictures the last 5 months-
1st picture-At the beginning of my illness when I had pneumonia. I had just walked from the cot to the curb and my proud hubby took this picture. Little did I know what was to come. I felt like crap in this picture and was NOT pleased with my newest fashion accessory. 
2nd-Dexter came into my life and kept me company through the roughest days.
3rd-How I spent almost the majority of a couple months totally FLAT or on my side
4th-My pissed off heart!  In the cardiac unit they couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting better. Then I got an unknown virus from the hospital that made me REALLY ill.  Little did we know I have multiple immune deficiencies and couldn't fight it at all.  (I start IVIG and SubQ infusions for the rest of my life hopefully this week!)
5-I have a whole photo album of these. Since I couldn't go out and do anything my sorority sisters took a cardboard cut out of me on all sorts of adventures!  People were so nice-they took pictures of Christmas lights including my own house so I could get to see everything.  People brought Christmas to our house this year.  We were so overwhelmed with all the love and support.
6-My doctors appointment last week
7-On Christmas we had me lay on the floor near the tree. I lasted three hours and then paid for it for days, but it was worth it! Here's a picture of Johnny falling asleep on me. Being away from him so much was the hardest part of this experience. This was one of the best moments of my year.

QOTD: "To live every day as if it had been stolen from death, that is how I would like to live. To feel the joy of life, as Eve felt the joy of life. To separate oneself from the burden, the angst, the anguish that we all encounter every day. To say I am alive, I am wonderful, I am. I am. That is something to aspire to."
— Garth Stein ...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Golden leaves

My mom took me to one of my appointments yesterday.  She is driving down the street and all my senses are overwhelmed.  Flashing colors. People. Scents. Movement. Life…it’s a total sensory overload from my 65+ days in bed.  I am shocked to see that the trees lining the street have leaves of bright shimmery yellows and golds.  The grass is covered in a soft confetti of color, it's one of my favorite times of year. The air is unseasonably hot for this time of year, but there is a slight fragrance of autumn.  I see my neighbors in a whirl wind of motion and sound little feet running, bikes whizzing past, giggles, voices, and dogs barking-sounds.
How did this happen? Where did the time go? The last day I was over here it was July and we were splashing at the pool.  Just Johnny and I playing together...me being his mommy...doing what mommy's and son's do together.  Just living life.  My life--things felt perfect.

Where did the summer go?  Where did my August and September go, and can it actually be true that it’s almost October?  I just missed those days, those weeks and now months-it feels like it all happened without me.  But, that’s not true…I was there and many of those seconds, minutes and days felt like a lifetime.  A tinge of jealously mixed with anger and sadness comes over me.  I realize just how difficult it has been to “watch” everyone else just go on about their lives.  It’s very hard not to mourn the life you didn’t have, especially when it comes to Johnny and there is nothing I can do about it. I feel helpless on so many levels…and I am and I am not.  Every day I feel helpless simply based on the fact that I cannot take care of my basic needs.   I feel the desperation frequently of a little child who depends on their parents for everything to survive.  I should be that parent, but instead I have been playing the role of that child.  Many days I feel worthless-it’s pretty impossible to put into words.  One day I will take one step forward only to fall 50 feet back the next day.  I have felt like a human pin cushion, a medical mystery….just damaged and defective.  

I felt myself falling deeper and deeper into this isolation and depression. It’s so easy to tell someone that this is temporary and everything will be ok.  Everything is ok unless it’s you going through it.  Even then, I have always found a way to make it ok in my life even when it wasn’t.  It wasn’t, but it WILL be...and I needed to accept that while pushing through this with everything I had even when my body gave up.  It’s easy to tell someone to just cheer up…when the person saying it is the one who is happy.  A lot of people don’t realize that most people with chronic or severe illness can and do experience some form of depression.  I have friends that tell me that they wouldn’t last a week stuck in bed…but it’s amazing what the body and mind are capable of.  You push through, because you have no other choice.  

Imagine what it would feel like if your brain stopped sending correct messages to your body…your heart rate turned into a horse that had just escaped.  You push through when you really just want to give up because you know what you’re fighting for. There have literally been moments when I have pushed through just by picturing being able to sit outside on the porch swing again.  I am drenched in sweat, covered in vomit feeling like I am being poisoned and have the worst hangover in the world.  I’m picturing actually being able to SEE that contagious beautiful laughter that I can often hear from up in my bed.  I’m imagining our family at the park and the dogs running, I’m seeing myself being able to stand.  I’m in some of the worst pain of my life my whole body is on fire…my brain misfiring and sending my nerves the wrong messages.  It feels like I am caught on fire and the pain is imaginable.  I want to die…I don’t think I can go through this. I can’t control my thoughts anymore, the pain has totally taken over.  I am sure this is it, and that I am dying…and if I’m not I’m almost wishing I was.  I don’t want to live through this misery anymore…see Johnny’s face in my mind and keep pushing through.  I tell myself that Johnny needs him mommy and that is how I push through. 65+ days of this hell.  

I have been seeing a lot of specialists and haven’t been in an ambulance in over a week…so we are making progress but it’s still very difficult.  It’s amazing what we take for granted. I can’t tell you what I would give just to be able to sit upright in a chair like you are probably doing while reading this.  One day I will get there.  I can honestly tell you now that I am blessed, I am lucky to be alive and I have a lot to be grateful for.  I really believe that the best medication is hope and that life is not about what happens to us but rather about how we react in those situations.  That doesn’t mean that you walk around in rose colored glasses and pretend that everything is ok when it’s not…but it means that you try.  As little kids we are taught to keep trying and to never give up but as adults we throw our arms up in the simplest of situations and walk away.  It doesn’t mean that I am going to be happy about the misery I am going through, it’s doesn’t mean that I am not going to be jealous at times or crushed that I can’t be with my son and husband…but it means that I will try everyday to do what I can.  That’s all any of us can do anyways, right?